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online lectionary resources

Although, unfortunately, the title of the website suffers from clericalism (as if only clergy would find use in a quality lectionary resource), the Biblia Clerus website is clearly a wonderful resource.

You can search a Biblical text and its commentary to locate specific references to Sacred Scripture made by Doctors of the Church and church teachings.

You can examine commentary on the Sunday liturgy to cross-reference liturgical texts to homilies of the Church Fathers.

And much more. Enjoy.

I have already provided top online free lectionary resources. This link definitely is worth adding to that list.

Add your suggestions and comments below…

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5 thoughts on “online lectionary resources”

    1. Thanks, Peter, for adding that great resource, and thanks for your work on that. If you search for links, you will find pages of links – those pages clearly need rebuilding into WordPress, and checked to see that they all work and are still useful, and then adding any from more recent lists that are missing. That is a job ahead of me. Blessings.

    1. Thanks, Annie. I hope that people find your site through this comment. I have also liked your facebook page & I have had the Liturgy facebook page like your page also. I hope that you, and others, add links like this, and make networks like this also. Blessings.

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