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Lambeth Bible study on John 4

Lambeth Bible Study with Joanna Clegg A famous poet representing the other party (Alexander Pope), once said ‘know thyself, presume not God to scan; the proper study of mankind is man.’ Do you ‘know’ yourself? Can anyone else ever really ‘know’ you? This clip is an alternative account of the passage we looked at in

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Humanae Vitae forty years on

July 25 1968 Pope Paul VI published his Encyclical letter Humanae Vitae.
His commissions, set up in response to the development of oral contraceptives in the 60s, came out more than 2/3 in favour of accepting such contraceptives amongst the bishops, and more than ¾ in favour amongst theologians and other specialists.
Pope Paul VI rejected the advice of his commission because this did not come to the conclusion that he did.

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