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Reflect on readings February 15

6th Sunday in Ordinary Time – 6th Sunday after Epiphany – 2nd Sunday before Lent

Text of the readings
Reflect on readings February 8
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2 Kings 5:1-14

2 Kings is simply the second scroll of a single work. It covers from the reign of Ahaziah (c 850-849 BCE) to the Assyrian destruction of Samaria (721 BCE). Today’s story of the Aramean leper has a anonymous kings of Aram and Israel highlighting its legendary character. Naaman’s “leprosy” was a skin problem that did not disfigure him or disqualify him from military rank, or entering temples. The story highlights that those of highter status depend on those of lower status. Abana River is just north of Damascus (capital of Aram). Pharphar River is south of the city.

(Roman Catholics use Leviticus 13:1-2, 44-46)

Psalm 30

1 Corinthians 9:24-27

At the Isthmian games (held about 13km from Corinth every two years) the crown was made of withered celery. These games probably took place in the year prior to the writing of this letter.

(Roman Catholics use 1 Corinthians 10:31-11:1)

Mark 1:40-45

Since the 1868 work of Gerhard Hansen we know that what we call leprosy is chronic but not highly infectious. The loss of sensation and ulceration of the extremities differs from what appears to be described here and in Leviticus 13 and 14. Possibly what is described in the Bible is Psoriasis. Physical imperfection was regarded as against holiness. Those suffering were to be isolated – a terrible state for people in Mediterranean culture. Jesus touches the leper, challenging cultural norms, and restoring the leper to membership within the community. He commands in the passive – may God cleanse the leper. At the end of the story, Jesus has taken on the isolation experienced by the leper at the start of the story.

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1 thought on “Reflect on readings February 15”

  1. For me, what “sticks” today is the line in Mark, “I do choose. Be made clean!”

    Jesus ALWAYS chooses for us to be clean. WE’RE the one that seems to be the one with issues.

    I was reading in Isaiah a few days ago when they were talking about Sheol. The Jewish notion of Sheol is that is is bounded by a locked gate. I got to thinking and realized the gate is locked from the INSIDE, not the outside.

    The leper comes to Jesus and asks HIM to make the choice. Well, that’s because not only IS he a leper, he FEELS like a leper. He’s had years of being shunned, avoided, taunted, told he’s that way b/c of his sin. So he’s been so humiliated he can’t even ask Jesus to heal him flat-out. It’s more like, “If it’s okay with you….well…I’d kind of like to be healed…if it’s not to much bother…don’t want to put you out or anything…”

    Well, we all feel that way sometimes about the things that we’ve done that we know separate us from God. Sometimes it’s the things we are not sure we did, or even not really know, but it doesn’t “seem right.” We need to remember that Jesus always chooses to heal us and it’s okay to ask!

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