This video comes with a “warning” – don’t stop before getting to the second part at 1:50!

This is an animated version of the weekly Torah reading in the synagogue (in this case today’s)

I’m particularly interested, with Passover (Pesach) being “in sync” with Western Easter this year, whether it is easier to see any connection with Christian lectionaries and/or celebrations. The Western pre-Vatican II lectionary etc. (from Septuagesima to the last Sunday prior to Advent) moved completely with the date of Easter, I guess the Eastern Orthodox lectionary still does similarly, the current Western post-Vatican II lectionary is tied to the date of Easter from Ash Wednesday to Trinity Sunday.

Is there/was there any connection with the Jewish lectionary?

Or is it demonstrable that there is no connection…

I’m interested in any thoughts, reflections, suggested books, links to sites…

The Torah reading

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