For me, if there is a weird bit to this it is less that his parents have a chasuble and mass set for this three year old boy’s birthday present; it is more that this child will not be allowed to receive communion in his church for about another four years!!!

Many advocate this sort of activity to encourage “vocations”. Others (difficult to tell if they are serious) say the parents should discourage such activity because under RC Canon 1041 this child is barred from being ordained in the future: “The following persons are irregular for the reception of orders: …one who has carried out an act of order which is reserved to those in the order of the episcopate or priesthood, while himself either not possessing that order or being barred from its exercise by some canonical penalty, declared or imposed.”

What did I think was the best bit? The Missal – no question.

h/t Deacon Greg Kandra

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