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Pope Benedict XVI visits the UK

Pope Benedict XVI is visiting the UK  from 16 to 19 September. This is the first papal visit there since that of John Paul II in 1982.

His tour is not without controversy.

I understand more Latin will be used in the liturgy than previously.

You can download the service planned in Westminster Abbey from here.

The official visit website

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7 thoughts on “Pope Benedict XVI visits the UK”

  1. I caught a few minutes of Evensong with His Grace and His Holiness.

    I was struck by the Anglican heights of the churching going on. As if to say, we were high churching back in the day, we have continued to high church without all y’all, we can high church at the drop of a hat, cuz that’s the way we roll. The Anglican chant of Psalm 138 was quite lovely.

    The lessons and the remarks were interestingly ecclesio-political.

    Philippians 2:5-11 and the Christian apocalyptic of power. Mark 10:35-45 and honor in the Glory not to be found in lording power like the gentiles (hmmm, who would that be?), not to be served, but in serving.

    The Holy Father’s response: Faithful obedience is the answer.

    And, what was that? One might almost think that there was a vested woman priest (Reverend Dr Jane Hedges, Canon of the Westminster Abbey) in the procession! And, with which priest, the press reports that His Holiness shook hands in a planned gesture. Curiously, I can find no pictures of this reported event.

    I noticed too with interest the carefully crafted narrative regarding John Henry Newman on the Papal visit website.

    Here’s an essay from the Daily Episcopalian, John Henry Newman: a Study in Conflicts and Contrasts that adds a layer or two of complexity to the narrative:

  2. David |Dah•veed|

    In my opinion, el Papa will take his biggest slap to Anglicans to date when he beatifies Henry Newman tomorrow and makes his feast day the day he converted from the Church of England to the Church of Rome, 9 OCT, and not as is customary, the date of his death, 11 AUG, which is the date he is remembered in the Church of England’s calendar. One of the excuses for the date is a slap at the Southern Hemisphere. This date allows Newman Centers at universities in the West to commemorate his feast during the school year. It is a pity how folks forget about you lot hanging around down there. Out of sight out of mind.

    BTW Padre, your Queen always looks as if she sucks on lemons lately. I rarely see a photo or a video where she genuinely smiles.

  3. David |Dah•veed|

    I wonder why I keep ending up in the Spam filter! Especially when the comments page showed me my comment with the notice across the bottom in a yellow banner stating that it was awaiting moderation.

    1. I have NO idea, David. Your Make Preparation comment was in the normal section – your UK visit one was in the spam filter. I am getting a HUGE amount of spam & the filter does a very good job. Mostly. I just quickly glance in the spam pile, but I have been known to miss actual good comments. Hence my point on the comments policy – don’t take the comment not going through personally.

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