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pray for Ross Bay

Ross Bay
Ross Bay - photo: Anglican Taonga
My friend, Ross Bay, will be ordained the 11th bishop of Auckland tomorrow. We trained together for the priesthood in the 80s. Ross was vicar of Ellerslie/Mt Wellington and of Remuera before becoming Dean. Auckland is our largest diocese. Ross is married to Jacquie who works in science education. Ross is a man of integrity, humour, spirituality, liturgical competency, he listens, he works collaboratively, (I’m starting to sound like I’m writing a reference, so I’ll stop – but he is a good friend). It is not the easiest time to be a bishop – so let’s pray for Ross, Jacquie, the diocese, the church and wider community.

You can use the online chapel, and even light a candle.

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18 thoughts on “pray for Ross Bay”

  1. Stuart Sinclair

    I fully endorse what you say, Bosco. Having worked along side Ross, He will make a great Bishop and I look forward to attending his ordination tomorrow. It will be a wonderful occasion and I wish Ross every Blessing in his new Ministry. We at St Chad`s, Meadowbank look forward to having him with us on Saturday 22nd May at 2PM for the Consecration of the New St Chads Church.

  2. David Allen |dah•veed|

    Prayers indeed for the Very Revd Ross Bay as he is consecrated a bishop in the Church of God.

    Since this is your largest diocese is there any chance of a live webcast? If so is there a link? What hour is the service local time?

    I shall also check the diocesan website for answers to these questions.

    1. The ordination and installation begins at 1pm Saturday April 17 New Zealand time. I am unaware of any love webcast 🙁
      If anyone finds any online information, videos, links to live webcast etc. please place that information here in the comments with a link.

  3. Im currently studying @ St Johns in Auckland. This is an exciting time for the Diocese. There is an undercurrent of change within the church and the ordination of a younger Bishop is indicative of that change. May the citizens on earth be as joyful as the angels of Heaven with this new appointment 🙂

  4. David Allen |dah•veed|

    I searched the diocesan website and only found time and day. No webcast.

    With NZ being a smallish country, do most of the College of Bishops make it to a consecration to participate? How does a CoB work in a three Takanga church? One CoB or three, or three as a subset of the one?

    1. David, it would be interesting to know if a webcast was considered and rejected on some sort of principle, or not even considered at all.
      I would think that all our bishops who can be there, will be there. I understand that we have one College of Bishops – they might caucus in Tikanga when appropriate – but someone else might respond to this as I have no experience of this 🙂 That is the way General Synod (of which I have been a member) functions. It meets as one body, and can divide to caucus in Tikanga. It votes in houses and Tikanga.

  5. It is my understanding that the Tikanga caucus prior to General Synod and when required on matters of importance.

    @ David -dahveed

    How does a CoB work in a 3 Tikanga Church? (Very well thankyou) There are difficulties but ‘we’ are known to endure ‘dynamic tension’. The need for 3 Tikanga is this provinces way of saying ‘We respect one anothers differences’. Respect being an evolving issue 🙂

    I would imagine only hell and high waters would keep a Bishop from the consecration of his fellow :p

  6. Well good to comment here brother Bosco! And greetings Patti! Nice to read your comments!! I am more than a little flumuxed that the diocese wouldn’t see fit to make this momentous occasion available to a wider audience via a webcam. With technology the way it is you could have done the whole thing for free, plus who knows it may have elicited a bit of positive media interest – not a bad thing!

    God bless,

    Rev Mark Brown

  7. Great to see you too Mark!

    Im going to think out loud for a moment (in type) .Self? ..would I want to watch the consecration/ordination of a Bishop from the comfort of my computer chair.
    Self replies: Its a bit worldly.

    …thinking done 🙂

    1. Interesting reflecting, Patti. I cannot recall how comfortable Auckland cathedral’s chairs are. Our cathedral chairs are quite comfortable – does this affect the level of worldliness of our ordinations? 😉

  8. My reflective emphasis was focused on the webcam dilemma more so than the ergonomic suitablity of Cathedral chairs 😉 If I had my way, there’d be standing room only in all churches 😛

    Which leads me to wonder …’how comfortable were the deck-chairs on the Titanic anyway?’ 🙂

    1. I am not convinced there is a webcam “dilemma”. And I would certainly be very interested whether it was discussed and then abandoned on principle, and what that principle was? I do not believe that having the ordination on webcam would have decreased the number present in the cathedral, one could argue it could actually increase it. I do not see why in principle the cathedral would have a live stream of Edmund Hillary’s funeral but have a dilemma about a live stream of an episcopal ordination. It is interesting to see the comment under the post “Language of God” where a pastor takes for granted his denomination’s production of an internet advertisement with the intention and result that it goes viral, as compared to our own where we might debate a webcam of the episcopal ordination in our largest diocese as being a dilemma.

  9. Patti Lao-Wood

    Is this the spot where I claim ownership for using the word ‘dilemma’? and further assert that I am not speaking for the church.

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