New Zealand’s General Synod papers are typed up on a computer and, hence, the papers are digital prior to being printed off. Rev. Peter Carrell has been reading the 2010 General Synod papers and is discussing them on his website. Peter is not a member of General Synod – hence, there is clearly nothing confidential or secret about these papers.

After the meeting of General Synod, the proceedings of General Synod are published – this publication includes these papers.

I urge the province (the provincial secretary) to place the General Synod papers, motions, and other material online now. In the interests of transparent governance. In the interests of being a church living in the 21st century. In the interests of increasing interest in the decision-making processes of our church. In the interests of increasing understanding of our church.

There is no effort involved in putting them online. Take the digital files. Put them online. Host them on the General Synod website (the minutes of a previous General Synod are there, highlighting there’s no issue in principle). Host them on Anglican Taonga. I urge Anglican Taonga to make placing the General Synod papers online a priority as the official news source of this church.

If this is not forthcoming, Peter – scan the papers and host them on something like scribd, with a link from your site. I’m happy to host them here. There is no excuse for them not to be online.

My wish-list for General Synod.

General Synod of the Anglican Church in Aotearoa, New Zealand and Polynesia meets this year from 10 to 14 May in Gisborne.

ps. Further to the discussion on this site re. why is the episcopal ordination this afternoon not being webcast: why not webcast General Synod discussions? General Synod is a public meeting and anyone can go and watch.

pps. as a courtesy I have contacted Rev Peter Carrell, Anglican Taonga, and the General Secretary to let them know of this post.

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