h/t New Lutheran @newlutheran


One of the great values of liturgy is that all ages, stages, and types can/should be able to meet around God’s table. [There is, hence, a danger in tightly themed services. And a value in the casting-of-pebbles approach of lectionary-based liturgy].

IMO alarm bells should be ringing if your community is becoming monochrome. Like-minded, same-age,… cloning is not God’s way of producing more children… We are the body of Christ – St Paul says. There should be a warning if we look around and see only ears, or only big toes, or only…

If we see only old people,… only rich people,… only happy people,…

What message is being given (explicitly – or possibly, more importantly, covertly) if (a) whole generation(s) is/are missing in our community? Is it not good news for that generation? Every age group, every situation can meet good news for their particular situation IMO.

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