I previewed the Mosaic Bible a little over a month ago. In the mean time I received the copy I ordered. There is actually very little that I need to add to my preview. It is magnificently produced, the images are stunning, the choice of material very wide (it is quite fun to see my own name there several times!) I was looking forward to seeing what the Hebrew and Greek word studies are like. In fact there are less than six pages on Hebrew words and similarly for Greek. The original script is not used – solely transliteration. I disagree with some analysis, eg. it states that ekklesia does not mean “called out of” (p.1198). Kudos to them for acknowledging hilasterion can mean expiation and translating appropriately.

Do not overstress the connection of this Bible to the lectionary. This works wellish in the main seasons (Advent, Christmas, Lent, Easter) but in Ordinary Time don’t expect to find much if any connection – even the system of counting is eccentric. In summary my position hasn’t changed much from my preview. If you are seeking one Bible and one Bible translation this is not the one I recommend (that will be subject of another post). If you use several Bibles and several translations – certainly seriously consider adding this to your shelf. I am happy I spent the money to get this.

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