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11 thoughts on “Reflecting on Palm Sunday”

    1. Thanks, Joan. I suspect the crowd did recognise that Jesus was lampooning Pilate. And I really appreciate the blessing at the end of the article – I’ll be using that. Blessings.

    2. I love that article Joan, living in America today especially, and the massive disconnects between the leaders and the people.

      Perfectly reflects how the ‘tradition’ of church and Sunday school can obscure deeper meanings in the religions which make people uncomfortable. ‘Flatten the narrative’ as Bosco would say…

  1. Just found time to listen to your sermon Bosco, yes- connect connect connect! April Fool and Easter.


    When I first moved to America one of the first atheist Americans I met ( or openly atheist Americans, it can land you in practical trouble unless you are very rich or very talented in the Land of the Free to be too open about such things, First Amendment be damned ) well he said of Jerusalem, empty it at gunpoint and bomb it, his words were ‘turn it to a sheet of glass’.

    Whilst I don’t think that more violence is the answer, I do think that so much violence has centered from the Abrahamic faiths around Jerusalem to question about it as a Holy place.

    Why was Abraham the chosen one? Justice and judgment, right-ness ( righteousness has become something different via religions )

    Jesus- not peace but a sword! A cup of cold water given out in his name.Well fiscally, practically, engineering-wise everyone in our planet today should have free fresh running water, yet do they?

    Enough already.

    1. Yes, Tracy, it does seem to me that Jesus was trying another way: not yet another regime change (he could have attempted that) where no sooner are the the powerful brought down from their thrones but the lifted-up lowly become as bad (or worse) in their new-found power. Blessings.

      1. Shift in the zeitgeist…we are feeling it now with the new youth movement here in America. Praying that they will bring about more thoughtfulness, it’s time.

        In uncivilized places just murder, silence or imprison anyone who gets in your way, but control in modernity looks more like giving people possessions and a tv platform and a bunch of sycophants. Let people who might bring change destroy themselves with their own desires, the cardinal sins as they used to be called…

        There is only one unforgivable sin according to Jesus. In the oldest of the extant gospels, since we were discussing the construction of our Bible. ‘He that hath ears to hear let him hear!’

    1. Thanks, Chris. I need to do some more work around the orgin of the word theatre – which I had not spotted. Blessings.

    1. Yes – great insight, Fred! There is an unhealthy culture of perpetual hankering after the god of ever-changing excitement that true religion critiques. Finding joy in the miracle of the ordinary is a deeply fulfilling spirituality. Blessings.

  2. It’s an ancient Chinese curse- may you live in interesting times!

    Go help someone, step into the life flow, you won’t be bored for long. Overwhelmed, dismayed, angry, maybe. But following the words of Jesus in say Matthew 25- feed and clothe and visit the prisoner, never bored.

    Engage rather than await instruction?

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