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Resurrection: Rob Bell

Today is Day 10 of the Easter Season, the tenth day of Easter.

On Sunday was Easter Day for many Christians who calculate Easter slightly differently.

Please consider “attending” Easter is 50 days – by inviting friends to that “event” you are spreading the word that this is still Easter.

Christ is risen!

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4 thoughts on “Resurrection: Rob Bell”

  1. Elizabeth Webster

    Wow. I listened to that wonderful Rob Bell video before I left the website and I found this. I don’t know how I missed it before.

  2. Easter is even more boring than Thanksgiving (the North American autumn holiday). 50 days of that tedium? Seriously?

  3. You do know that the sun will hugely expand and absorb the three inner planets, destroying Earth? And that this has never been denied by the Mainline Protestants? So why bother with church? It is ultimately the only life and world that we have or ever will have.

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