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rugby heaven!

I have already written about Rugby being the established State Religion of a deeply-religious New Zealand. Our whole education system this year has shifted school holidays not to benefit educational aims, but to fit in with the Rugby World Cup. [As with many minority sects, those living within it do not realise how small the actual sect is – but that’s another story ;-)]

I also have a fascination for religious language used in NZ advertising (& elsewhere). So you can understand my interest in the rugbyheaven.co.nz concept, receiving a Press newspaper Rugby Heaven liftout with an All Black image which, arriving folded, gives the impression of a priest in clerical collar… Here follow some of the advertising:

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3 thoughts on “rugby heaven!”

    1. Mike, like ACANZP, please take care with the correct form of the title for the peak manifestation of our state religion – it’s RWC not WRC! And please don’t let anyone know that there are at least two cups (that we know of), and that “World” is being used in its non-literal sense (ie. about 10% of the planet’s countries). Blessings.

  1. Whoops! did I write WRC? How offensive. On the other hand I used to write a column for the local paper in which I was allowed to write about rubgy (sic) without the editor blinking an eyelid.

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