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Sabbath Torah reading Iyyar 24, 5771

Some technical issues prevented this post from being pubished as intended for Saturday. I still think its content is of value, even a couple of days late:

The Torah reading today, Iyyar 24, 5771 (May 28 2011) in the synagogue is called Bamidbar Numbers 1:1-4:20

The system of reading the Bible in three years on Saturdays reads part of the Sabbath reading each of the three years. You can find today’s portion and reflection here.

What were you taken by in the text?

I found the title of the book interesting. ְּב ִמ ְד ַּבר (Bamidbar) In the wilderness. A much more interesting name than “Numbers”. And not the first, but the fifth word in the book.

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