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the lectionary

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Daily Lectionary Readings
Reading the Bible in Three years
A daily blog for Reading the Bible in Three years

The online chapel on this site also has a variety of ways to have a discipline of reading the Bible regularly

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2 thoughts on “the lectionary”

  1. Hi, Bosco! Do you know of a book that would provide a clear and fairly comprehensive history of both the lectionary pattern we know today (OT, Psalter, NT, Gospels) and/or how the RCL itself came to be? I can’t find any such resources and wonder if they are even out there. I know the RCL as a list of readings has been published, and I am aware of Bowker’s commentary on the RCL; but I really want a “behind the scenes” story of how the RCL was put together. It has many virtues and many faults, and I think such a book would be fascinating.

    Thanks for sharing this link! — Mike (a Presbyterian who is nonetheless “someone fond of the Episcopal Church” )

    1. Certainly, Mike, a candid book on the development of the RCL would be fascinating. I am not aware of one. Maybe other readers here are? The RCL is primarily, I’m sure you are aware, a revision of the RC 3 Year Sunday lectionary. There may be a book about the development of that lectionary.

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