Notice Board

You may have seen it – I have seen it enough to become concerned: Church notice boards that describe services something like this

9:30am A Prayer Book Service

11am A Contemporary Service

By “A Prayer Book Service” they don’t mean “1662” or “1928” (church noticeboards or advertisements that advertise with in-group language of “1662” or “1928” or suchlike are another issue…). By “A Prayer Book Service” they mean A New Zealand Prayer Book – He Karakia Mihinare o Aotearoa (or whatever is the equivalent in your area).

Distinguishing “A Prayer Book Service” from “A Contemporary Service” sends out a message loud and clear – this community does not think the NZ Prayer Book (or whatever is your local equivalent) is contemporary; and this community has put no effort into, and does not know how to, use the NZ Prayer Book in a contemporary way.

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