The Archbishop of Canterbury has called for a global wave of prayer from 25th May to 4th June. I am all in favour of anything that encourages prayer – individually and communally.

The call has been titled, “Thy Kingdom Come”.

I am also interested in the use of language (“thy”) no one would consider using seriously in contemporary life. There is already good discussion around this on the fellow-Kiwi blogsite AnglicanDownUnder. Another point I made in that discussion is that we need to not give the impression that following Jesus is simply individuals escaping from everyday problems and issues.

Let me be clear: this is not a criticism of the campaign – far from it – individual commitment to Jesus and knowing he is with us in all our lives – joys and sorrows – is essential, and we need to and should promote it.

This, in the Southern Hemisphere, is also the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity. That also needs reflection. The Northern Hemisphere has the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity at quite a different time. Christians, in seeking to pray for Christian Unity, cannot agree on when to do this.

Reflection on our prayer is important – how we do it, what we think it is, what we think it achieves,…

Praying is even more important. And so I encourage you to take up Archbishop Justin’s challenge. And to pray for Christian Unity.

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Kia tae mai tou rangatiratanga.

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