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The Sunday after Easter is Trinity Sunday

The Sunday after Easter is Trinity Sunday

Easter is a season of 50 days. We are very good at Lent being 40 days (or so); we are less good at Easter being 50 days. Penance. Reflecting. Those, we can manage for a season. Celebrating. Partying for a season. Not so much.

Ask someone, “What is the Sunday after Easter?” and they might say the Second Sunday of Easter, Low Sunday; Station at St. Pancras; Thomas Sunday, Dominica in Albis [Depositis/Deponendis], Quasimodo, Divine Mercy, or the Octave Day of Easter. But those are titles for the Sunday after Easter Day.

The Sunday after Easter is… [OK – you read the answer above].

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We used to be able to create a 50-day event on facebook. That has changed – the limit now is two weeks. Even facebook, the measure of western culture, won’t allow for an event to go 50 days. The last time facebook allowed our 50 days of Easter event was 2014.

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