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Bono and Eugene Peterson

Bono and Eugene Peterson on The Psalms

Yesterday, I was delighted to receive a tweet from Assistant Professor of Theology and Culture, David Taylor (Fuller Theological Seminary). He encouraged me to look at his his short film (above) documenting the friendship between Bono (of the band U2) and Eugene Peterson (author of contemporary-language Bible translation The Message) revolving around their common interest in the Psalms.

It is a delightful twenty minutes.

I cannot remember a time in my life without the Psalms. They are the scaffolding of my prayer life. Through his writings, Eugene Peterson has been an encouragement to my ordained ministry. And I regularly recommend the Message alongside the NRSV (eg. here and here). Bono, and U2, well what can I say…

I have spent more time in the New Testament of The Message. The enchanting, thought-provoking short film encourages me to spend time with The Message’s Psalms.

Do take time to watch this video.

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2 thoughts on “Bono and Eugene Peterson on The Psalms”

    1. Yes, David. I don’t know why he tweeted me. He doesn’t follow me on twitter. Sorry I missed the story when you first shared it. Blessings.

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