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Town Renames Good Friday to ‘Spring Holiday’

p3_Shirley-Chaplin#1#Place the above story alongside the banning of a nurse in the UK from wearing a cross around her neck (as she has been for the last 30 years). I understand that in the same context Muslim workers are exempt from hygiene rules which stipulate their forearms must not be covered.

And we all know stories of the crosses being absent from Hot Cross Buns, I mean Easter Buns, I mean Holiday Buns…

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6 Responses to Town Renames Good Friday to ‘Spring Holiday’

  1. I don’t have much sympathy in the Shirley Chaplain case. The same rules apply to everyone over the ruling about chains and necklaces. Also, she was apparently given several options, for example to make sure the cross was tucked under a T shirt under her uniform, to use a breakable chain or to secure it inside her uniform to avoid taking it off. I do think the employers were more than reasonable in the face of their need to meet health and safety requirements, a need which she didn’t seem to appreciate.

    Now, whether some aspects of health and safety law are a bit daft is another matter…

    The fact that Muslim nurses are apparently exempted from health and safety laws does seem to suggest different standards at play? I don’t THINK covering arms is a requirement of Islam any more than wearing a crucifix is a requirement of Christianity.

  2. I have got a video, but it’s just somebody painting black and white pictures a la Rolf Harris. I watched the first 2 minutes or so, which seemed to be about 2/3, and then started getting video hiccups so abandoned it.

    • Thanks so much for persevering in letting me know. It appears to have been a fault in the embedding code at the original video end. It took me quite a bit of time to rectify – this is not a problem I have encountered previously. I will try to be more cautious. Thanks again.

  3. I’ve watched it now. Thanks for your efforts. A quick google shows the decision was reversed, so Good Friday was Good Friday for Davenport, Iowa.

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