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January 2010

Is this NZ’s most visited Christian site?

I have only recently discovered Matt and Madeleine Flannagan’s site where they track the top New Zealand Christian Blogs. They use a very complicated algorithm including incoming links, posts per week, comments per post, etc. When I examine the actual visitor numbers of these top sites, however, I’m interested that unique visitors is in the

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Help please

I’m trying to do some research around the concept of poverty. Including the possible standard of living of the historical Jesus. He is referred to as a τεκτων (tekton) in Mark 6:3 – there are some suggesting this may mean “scholar” – with reference to Aramaic and the Talmud http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20081205075338AAVzAb3. Can anyone confirm or deny

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The devastation in Haiti cries out for responses from us all. We need to find ways to offer our financial support urgently and through organisations we know to be reliable and trustworthy. Oxfam, World Vision, Red Cross, Unicef, Christian World Service, Caritas, Save the Children, and Tear Fund are some that I’ve noticed being reported

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