The devastation in Haiti cries out for responses from us all.
We need to find ways to offer our financial support urgently and through organisations we know to be reliable and trustworthy. Oxfam, World Vision, Red Cross, Unicef, Christian World Service, Caritas, Save the Children, and Tear Fund are some that I’ve noticed being reported as active there and I think are trustworthy places to make donations.

Prayers are being offered also. And people may be looking for resources to incorporate into Sunday’s services:
several resources
a prayer in English and Spanish (PDF)

Haiti has a population of 10 million. It is the poorest country in the Americas, ranking 146 out of 177 countries on the UNDP Human Development Index. More than half the population lives on less than $US 1 a day. Former RC priest Jean-Bertrand Aristide brought some hope as the first freely elected leader in 1990 but he was ousted by a military coup in 1991, reinstated, but exiled in 2004. French-speaking 1% of the population owns half the country’s wealth.

More information: BBC; CIA; Wikipedia

Any further comments, prayer resources, appropriate organisations to donate through appreciated in the comments.

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