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July 2012


Nope. I checked. This is not an April 1 joke. Complete with Bible software and web-browsing filters, the inexpensive edifi is the Christian iPad. The NZ RC bishops have forbidden their priests from using the iPad for Mass because you never know what they might use the iPad for in their spare time! Now will

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The Jewish “Mourners’ Kaddish” is said at all prayer services and certain other occasions. It takes the form of Kaddish Yehe Shelama Rabba, and is traditionally recited several times, most prominently at or towards the end of the service, after the Aleinu and/or closing Psalms and/or (on the Sabbath) Ani’im Zemirot. Following the death of

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A Mass by any other name 2

The words “Holy Communion” never occur in the New Testament! Like the title “Lord’s Supper“, “communion” (κοινωνία), is not regularly connected to the Christian service with bread and wine in the New Testament. The connection appears only once. Communion, κοινωνία, is normally translated “fellowship”. NRSV, in 1 Cor 10:16-17, translates it as “sharing”: 16 The

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