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Advent seeking & serving

Click here for an online art exhibition from the Episcopal Church Visual Arts.

Consider the art in this exhibit as a meditative way to challenge yourself during Advent to not only worship Christ within the walls of the church, or the walls of your heart, but also to seek him and serve him in all persons.

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2 thoughts on “Advent seeking & serving”

  1. David |Dah•veed|

    If I may point out an online friend’s work. Father Tobias Haller is the vicar of the Church of St James, the Episcopal Church in Fordham, the Bronx, NYC. He is also a professed member of the Brotherhood of St Gregory.

    He has written a number of icons. He wrote the one that appears on the left, third row down of Jesus for 1 DEC a few years back, World AIDS Day. It gives me goose bumps and tears whenever I see it. It is representative that the Body of Christ has AIDS and Christ stands in solidarity with her.


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