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Ash Wednesday & Lent in Two Minutes

As well as the above wonderful video, the cool site, Busted Halo, provides (as the video indicates) a clickable Lent Calendar (like an Advent Calendar for Lent). Try it (go to the site and click on today’s date – you can go back to see what you’ve missed). Use the ideas it suggests.

[Update: it has been highlighted on facebook that, as with so many sites based in USA, they think that the day begins with them! This means that for the rest of the planet (we all basically start Saturday before USA) we get “No peeking! You can’t look at a future day in the Lent calendar.” I am contacting the site to let them know of this issue. This is what I wrote to them:


I think your site is wonderful, and I have today promoted your Lent Calendar https://liturgy.co.nz/ash-wednesday-lent-in-two-minutes/13845 As has been highlighted by one in our community, USA is the last on the planet to start each day so that the rest of the planet, when it clicks on your calendar only get “No peeking! You can’t look at a future day in the Lent calendar.”
We hope you will fix this so that this wonderful resource can be used beyond USA.



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