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Bishop Victoria Matthews Resigns

Bishop Victoria Matthews

Today, my bishop, Bishop Victoria Matthews, the eighth Bishop of Christchurch, resigned. She was installed at ChristChurch Cathedral on August 30, 2008. Previous to this she was the Bishop of Edmonton, Canada for 10 years (1997–2007) and Suffragan (Assistant) Bishop of Toronto (1994–1997). She was the first woman ordained bishop in the Anglican Church of Canada.

During her time as bishop here, our diocese has suffered through the quakes and also – as she reminded us in her letter to the diocese – wind, fire, and floods. The debate over what to do with the cathedral in the Square has been the highest-profile controversy.

She has led us through a most tumultuous period in our region and church life. Our prayers are for Bishop Victoria as she discerns her next steps, for the diocese, and for those who will elect the next bishop.

She steps down on 1 May this year.

There is more information here:
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The Archbishop’s letter

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