I’m sure most of us have been present in a community where the singing was pretty appalling, the tune poorly known or fairly unsingable. One (smallish) community came up with this idea for choosing hymns and songs they would sing:

They chose a committee of five people.
These five, independently, went through the “repertoire”, hymn, and song books.
If a person could sing a hymn or song well unaccompanied s/he put this onto a list.
The committee met. If three or more people had a hymn/song on his/her list it was passed as going onto the community list for its repertoire.

I have seen suggested that a community have about a hundred well-known hymns and songs. New material can be introduced and taught – but good solid singing is an essential foundation to common worship.

As well as commenting on these points – what ideas do you have, have you seen tried, do you know of?

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