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virtually together

From time to time I write to emphasise how the virtual community is a real community. After the Christchurch February 22 earthquake this site was down for three weeks. I was conscious that many would be worried and soon got the word out via facebook and twitter. Within days I biked to find internet to put some messages out myself. So I was certainly conscious about this virtual community (here, facebook, twitter); and the comments here, on facebook, and on twitter are deeply moving – you are certainly conscious of what was happening here – and, I guess, it put a face on the tragedy. One person wrote about how surprised he was, never having met me, that he was checking the google person finder for Christchurch five times a day; more than one person from this virtual community rang me,… Thank you all – I cannot possibly reply to all the individual messages – but know that I have read them all. Thanks. We are the church. We are the human family. Not all together in one place – united spiritually. The internet is sacramental of this spiritual unity…

I was sent the video above by Jane Redmont – one of those wonderful people in this virtual community.

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13 thoughts on “virtually together”

  1. Elena Haupricht

    We can come together..all over the world, in one mind, in one accord, to bring each other the peace and love of God in the worst of times, to His glory and honor..Wow, what a way to share His love.

  2. Annabel (Mrs Redboots)

    He wasn’t the only one checking Google Person Finder for you – I did myself a time or two! Hope you have somewhere to live now.

  3. This is a great post – the virtual community IS real. And the Eric Whitacre video is wonderful.

    Glad you’re back in business and prayers for the work you all have still ahead of you in Christchurch.

  4. I checked your blog every morning before going to work until I saw that you were Ok and as my husband hadn’t realised I’d done that he emailed me later in the day when he had found the blog!

  5. That video is a fantastic illustration, Bosco. I’ll be using your post and video this Sunday, March 20, when dailyoffice.org visits the adult education class at St. John’s, Crawfordsville, Indiana USA. Greetings and prayers for all the earthquake survivors in New Zealand and Japan.

  6. I think that often we are connected more than in the real world these days. That can be so good in cases like these quakes that are haunting Pacific. Blessings and continued prayers to all of you in New Zealand!

  7. It’s good to have you back in the game, Bosco! So glad that you’ve come through it ok, although I’m sure you’re dealing with much grief for those who haven’t been as fortunate.

    Know that we have been praying for you over here in South Africa, and we will continue to do so – for you and the people of New Zealand – except where Super Rugby is concerned! 🙂


  8. And we took our concern out of the virtual world and into the real world. The immediacy made possible by the Internet; our closeness, although we are physically separated by thousands of miles; our real love for each other in the online community which overwhelmingly, when the proverbial hits the fan, transcends all barriers of faith, geography and politics; brings a realness to our prayers in our own real world localities that media reportage alone could never achieve. The people of Christchurch and New Zealand were not just supported online. Because there is an online they were supported in our places of worship, in our homes and in our local communities, not just with an abstract concern, but with the informed concern made possible by personal knowledge and connection.

  9. Marcia Merryman-Means

    I know you only through Carol Holmes, but I was also messaging my friend Margot Button in Christchurch to try to get information for Carol. Finally found out through the church that all was well.

    an Episcopalian in Vermont

  10. Beautiful. I was skeptical at first about the extent to which an internet community could be a real community, but deepening involvement in my blog has convinced me that, as you say, “We are the church. We are the human family. Not all together in one place – but united spiritually. The internet is sacramental of this spiritual unity.”
    My brother and sister in law, Jeph and Kaaren Mathias were doctors in Christ Church and involved in the Christian community there. I don’t know if your paths crossed.

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