I have spent some time wrestling with my original Christchurch earthquake post (and sought help). It appears, from my playing around, that possibly a WordPress blog post may have a limited length after which it starts to misbehave. Badly. (Does anyone know anything about this?)

Anyway – so I have decided to move more recent updates to this post.

Monday October 4 update

There have been 1460 quakes now.
The last two were eight minutes apart at a strength of 5 then of 4.
I am moved that Tonga, one of our poorest neighbours, raised NZ$705,000 to give to the Christchurch Earthquake Appeal Fund. If Kiwis gave at a similar rate the Earthquake Fund would get NZ$31 million!

Sunday September 26 update

Methodist Church Merivale - photo: Bosco Peters

Methodist Church Merivale - photo: B.Peters

Bishop Victoria Matthews launches $100,000 earthquake appeal to give from the Anglican Diocese of Christchurch to Haiti
Another awesome quake resource – just click on the particular quake and it brings up a map. One of the recent ones was three blocks away!
1069 quakes so far in total.

Friday September 24 update

Yesterday driving through Riccarton, having become used to the piles of bricks in the centre of town, sad to see the same in Riccarton. Then through Sydenham where Colombo Street has become one way with the road a zig-zag of high fences on both sides to prevent access to blocks of buildings.
Christian Habitat for Humanity plans to help rebuild uninsured homes – estimated 5,000 uninsured homes are damaged.
797 quakes including four in the night, one of 4.6 only 9km deep.

Wednesday September 22 update

The status of the brick convent building of the Community of the Sacred Name is being reconsidered.
750 quakes.
The vicar has moved out of the Ellesmere Vicarage, my home when I was Vicar of Ellesmere, my previous position.
An extra priest has been appointed temporarily to assist in quake-affected Kaiapoi.
A new temporary diocesan position has been created to help with earthquake damage; the Ven Lawrence Kimberley will do this half time.

Tuesday September 21 update

Christchurch Anglican Cathedral will reopen tomorrow.
Total of 739 quakes so far; 8 in the last 24 hours.

Saturday September 18 update

Two weeks since the initial quake.
A total of 699 quakes so far.
Today it looks as though the Catholic Cathedral may be closed for a year for earthquake strengthening.
The congregation of the Anglican Cathedral will tomorrow meet at Christ’s College where I am chaplain.
Still no message from the Pope or the Archbishop of Canterbury – they are together today and could save postage by sending a joint message! No mention on the official Anglican news.

Wednesday September 15 update

State of Emergency has not been lifted. 608 quakes so far. 21 in the last 24 hours. Quake is NZ’s most costly natural disaster (video). Parliament rushes through quake law.

Tuesday September 14 update

562 quakes so far. 33 in the last 24 hours. Still no message from either the Pope or the Archbishop of Canterbury.

Monday September 13 update

Sr Sandra CSN outside condemned convent buildings

Sr Sandra CSN outside condemned convent buildings

The historic brick convent building of the Community of the Sacred Name is to be demolished. Auckland, Waiapu, and Wellington have launched Bishops’ appeals.

There have been 6 quakes in the last 12 hours with a total of 492 quakes so far.

Most schools are back today – some, of course, cannot reopen.

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