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3 thoughts on “computer issues?”

  1. This is hysterical… and I am usually the local “expert” and I just try to use logic and trying stuff out too. But the best thing to do is…. RESTART! Usually works to fix whatever it was.

    I think of computers as semi-sentient beings. A few years ago we had a computer dept. employee at work who couldn’t do administrative things to my computer without it crashing or refusing to do whatever he asked–he’d have to have me do things under his direction. Didn’t matter if he was under his login or mine–my computer KNEW me.

    It was really weird!

    Thanks for posting this.

  2. The computers at the Church of England’s HQ were down for over 2 hours this morning – so your instruction sheet has proved very helpful!!!! I have emailed it to our IT support staff for reference.

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