There’s news articles about Kate Middleton’s confirmation in a number of places. Quotes here start from the Guardian newspaper (mainly because that was the first one sent to me). Some other sources are referred to as we go along.

Clarence House has announced that Kate Middleton was confirmed last month by the bishop of London into full membership of the Church of England.

So the Church of England has membership?
This is a church, as far as I understand it, that marries anyone who applies who lives in the parish boundaries – Hindus, Scientologists, atheists,…
What is “full membership”?
What is partial membership?

Middleton’s confirmation at a private service

What is confirmation if it is not a public affirmation as an adult, of one’s baptism as an infant?
If that is so, what is a private confirmation?

[Time goes further and says the confirmation service was “secret”. cf here and elsewhere]

she had already been christened into the CofE as a child

So we get christened into a particular denomination?
We are not baptised “into” the church catholic?

[Giving away my position: baptism is baptism is baptism. An iPod is an iPod is an iPod – doesn’t matter if you procure it at the Warehouse, Noel Leeming, or the Apple Mac shop… It’s the same iPod. It’s the same baptism.]

Further comments and questions about confirmation, beyond this article:

If a person is baptised as an adult, why would you confirm him/her?

NZ’s Anglican Church has no “membership” – anyone baptised in any denomination is part of the church catholic and welcome to fully participate in Anglican life.
Except… you can’t be ordained.
In order to be ordained, you must be episcopally confirmed. If you were, for example, confirmed in a Presbyterian Church and want to be ordained, tough! Your confirmation doesn’t count. You must be confirmed by a bishop first. Why?
If you were baptised as an adult and want to be ordained, tough! You must be confirmed by a bishop first. Why?

If all this discussion doesn’t interest you, there’s always the wedding preview:

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