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Creation Season

koruDuring September many communities celebrate a Season of Creation.

This site encourages a greater consciousness of our responsibility towards creation. It is also firmly committed to the three year lectionary. I believe it is possible to keep the three year series AND to focus on creation (unlike some communities which abandon the ecumenical lectionary for this month). Doing so means communities, worship leaders, and preachers also grow in agility and awareness of creation threads and themes throughout our Christian tradition.

On this site you will find some reflections for the Creation Season celebrations. I need to complete this for this year, Year B.

Most important, of course, is not just thinking about creation – but putting new disciplines into our lives – individually, communally, nationally, globally.

Do you have suggestions or resources that you can add?

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6 thoughts on “Creation Season”

  1. According to Jewish tradition, Adam and Eve were created on 1 Tishri (Rosh Hashanah) which falls in September or October on the Gregorian calendar.

  2. I am reminded of the Harvest Festivals a church I grew up in had around this time of year. These were traditionally from a time when the villagers gave thanks to God for a successful harvest (and so also for food for live on for the next year). While we still dressed the church up with that theme, people were encouraged to bring in food for hampers. We’d write to a few food places (i.e. manufacturers or distributors) asking for food donations to add to what people had brought. All this was then passed on to charities. I used to help and I have had some wonderful experiences as a result.

    Back at high school one year every student was encouraged to bring in a tin of food – and we made a mountain in the gym. This was then passed on to charity.

    Part of creation is remembering that God is still creating and supplying us with good things. Let’s return the favour and help out those less fortunate at the same time. :0)

  3. Right on Dave! where are you from, btw? me: Vancouver. So in a couple of weeks time we’ll be singing ‘Come ye thankful people come…’
    And let’s just glance at Mt. 25.35ff
    but I guess the Kiwis will be ‘plough(ing) the fields to scatter the good seed on the land’

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