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Free Guy


Free Guy is a wonderful combining of themes from The Matrix (a movie I continue to teach about, including having taught about it at Tertiary level), The Truman Show, Groundhog Day (and its Sci-Fi version, Edge of Tomorrow), Ready Player One, and Jumanji.

Guy is a non-player character in the online game, Free City. The avatars of the real-world players, like in so many games, constantly perform acts of violence. Guy yearns for the “girl of his dreams”, and, in wanting to follow her, this leads to his breaking from his fixed non-player, background actions. So, you spot one of the Christian teachings: love sets you free. Love is stronger than our natural tendencies; love defeats programming.

Cleverly, Free Guy can be read in two ways: “Free” in Free Guy can be understood as an adjective or as a verb (imperative or subjunctive).

There is a moment when Guy begins to see the world as it really is. Another Christian teaching. He begins to realise he is living in a created world.

Guy is called to save his world.

Guy’s actions are positive; he does good in a world in which all avatars are acting violently.

Enjoy making other connections – it is, after all, a fun action comedy.

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