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Gaudete, Gaudete, Christus est natus
Ex Maria Virgine, Gaudete!

Rejoice, Rejoice, Christ is born
of the Virgin Mary, Rejoice!

Tempus adest gratiae
Hoc quod optabamus,
Carmina laetitiae
Devote reddamus.

The hour of grace
which we seek is here.
We offer with devotion
our songs of gladness.

Deus homo factus est,
Natura mirante,
Mundus renovatus est,
A Christo regnante.

God is made human,
a thing of wonder.
The world is renewed
by Christ’s reign.

Ezecheelis porta
Clausa pertransitur,
Undelux est orta
Salus invenitur.

Light has arisen.
Salvation is come,
Bursting the gates of death.

Ergo nostra contio
Psallat jam in lustro,
Benedicat domino,
Salus Regi nostro.

Our congregation lustily
rejoices now,
Giving blessing to God,
our Saviour and King.


God’s richest blessings to you who are part of this community here

and to all people this Christmas

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7 thoughts on “Gaudete”

  1. ‘The closed gate of Ezekiel is passed through’…what a great comfort are holy nights!

    Thanks for all your writing Bosco, I wonder where my faith would be today without it…

    God Bless, Tracy.

  2. Humorous Latin accents? Tu quoque! Don’t forget the famous aphorism on the speaking of Latin in Spain: ‘Beati Hispani quibus bibere est vivere!’

    I find it a little surprising sometimes to reflect that the Romans aoocupied Britannia for nearly 400 years but seemed to leave litle mark on the Brythonic language – although it is there in words like ‘Gwent’ (< ventum), 'eglwys' and 'pont'. Maybe if they'd stayed a kind of Celtic Romance language would have evolved. As for Steeleye Span's Latin, they are of course pure Saxon, the descendants of German barbarians who arrived after the Romans retreated in 410 to defend the empire from other depredations. St Augustine of Canterbury tried his best to civilize that lot….

  3. LindaLeFeverLittlefield

    I love the refrain, verses. Unfortunately, there was no sound. Don .’t think I’ve ever heard “Gaudette”
    Sure it’s glorious!

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