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Hallelujah Chorus – Quinhagak, Alaska

I recently encouraged communities to produce videos. Here is a wonderful example from a group of ten and eleven year olds. With the video is written:

Hallelujah Chorus -Kuinerrarmiut Elitnaurviat 5th Grade – Quinhagak, Alaska

Wow!! Thank you for all for the wonderful comments. The village of Quinhagak is glowing because of them. The amount of views is mind blowing!! Considering this video was intended for an audience of about 200. As many of you have thought, the kids worked very hard on this project. They put in 10 hours of work shooting all the scenes (on a weekend nonetheless!!) I am very proud of them!

Thank you also for pointing out the apostrophes! I now have a very teachable moment once we start school again. One they will never forget!! I’m just glad I spelled “Hallelujah” correct.

Thank you on behalf of Quinhagak, Alaska!! Merry Christmas!!

441,605 people have viewed this video since it was put up on December 20!
I highlighted how many people watched the parish video The Christmas Story when 17,539 had viewed it. That now also stands at 437,250 views!

In the Southern Hemisphere, and certainly in Aotearoa-New Zealand, this is our go-slow time… So – sometimes your comments may take longer than usual to get through moderation…

H/T David, regular participant in this community here. Thanks.

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27 thoughts on “Hallelujah Chorus – Quinhagak, Alaska”

  1. AMAZING & WONDERFUL. I have participated in singing the MESSIAH at Luther College. Truly this Alaskan performance is remarkably creative & heartwarming. You can feel the strong sense of community involvement resonating from the people in the video. Thank you for sharing your interpretation with the world. I’m posting your link on my facebook page. Happy New Year!!!

    Soli Deo Gloria, Kathy

  2. My husband and I took a cruise along the southeastern edge of your lovely state, last August. We want to come again because of the beauty of your homeland and the friendliness of the people.
    I am grateful that in your video, I see that in today’s harsh economic and moral climate, all is not yet lost. Unless the ACLU has a foothold in Alaska and tries to shut down all mention of our wonderful God.

  3. All I can say is WOW!! I have sent the e-mail to everyone I know and so have them. It has been sent to Spain too.
    Congratulations on a job well done.

    I live in Walnut Creek, CA

  4. Great kids & adults with flash of hallelujah chorus. I cried and I keep going back to view it over and over.

    I have several hand made Lakota flutes by Ken Light, Orlee, Montana. Internet link “Amon Olorin Flutes” that I want to donate to the kids that made me cry.

    Please email me address of the proper location to send them to.

    Thanks, jninos@att.net

  5. Fantastic and inspirational. I just sent your video to my staff and know that your fame and creativity will continue to spread and spread.

  6. Your imaginative and uplifting video makes me smile ~ it’s very apparent that Quinhagak, Alaska is full of God’s SONshine. Thank you for reminding the world … that God is everywhere, and FOREVER. I plan to share your “shout of joy, praise and gratitude” with the youth group and 10th grade Confirmation class of Holy Spirit Parish (Dubuque, Iowa). Blessings to all, & keep spreading the Hallelujah’s!

  7. This is absolutely wonderful…It made my day…The children are so beautiful. I have sent this to all my friends…God Bless all of you!

  8. Thank you so much for this beautiful video. It is full of God-present-in-every-day-life. He is among us!
    Be blessed,

  9. This is the most heartwarming rendition of the traditional Hallelujah Chorus I have ever seen or heard. Obviously, everyone who participated thoroughly enjoyed their part in the production. What a marvelous idea. What next? Blessings to everyone there …

  10. This is the most momentous item of its type I have ever received; it will take me a long time this evening to forward to friends and family both here in the UK, the States, Oz, NZ and Europe.
    I have consulted my atlas, located the town and ringed it for further investigation and intend ascertaining the contact details of the teacher whose brilliant idea as well as hard work , has achieved such an outstanding creation. It has obviously provided a world wide audience of delighted people and serves as a counterbalance to so much doom and gloom.
    And HOW the great man himself would have been surprised and gratified at how his masterpiece continues to uplift generations beyond his imaginings!
    Mavis Ambrose ( UK )

  11. Hey that was great! Did they have a traditional indigionous religion? Could that have been incorperated? Just curious. Seems like they liked what you did and I certainly thought it was fun to watch,


  12. Brenda from Winnipeg, CANADA

    A co-worker passed this video along to me. The video was a wonderful ending to my day. Your enthusiasm for praising the Lord is contagious! As well, I enjoyed getting to know your unique northern community through the various locations where scenes were filmed. I will pass the video on to people who live in Singapore and Australia. Merry Christmas and God Bless!

  13. Some truly beautiful moments here: I especially like the “the kingdom of this earth” segment–very poetic, very wonderful. The post office worker is fabulous! The standing “And” child is perfect! The kids at the end are adorable! 🙂

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