The Christmas Story (2010 version) – as told by the children of St Paul’s Anglican Church, Auckland, NZ.

NB. at the end: “based on a true story”

ps. have you thought of producing something like this in your community or parish? If you think it is difficult, ask some teenagers to do it for you. You involve different ages in a positive venture, place something of value on YouTube (outreach), and can then embed it on the front page of your up-to-date community/parish website.
pps. there’s still time. Do it this Sunday.
ppps. the above video has had 17,539 views already – how often do you get a piece you write viewed by that number? (that’s 5,000 in the last 8 hours since I was preparing this post!)
pppps. for free – no printing, no circulating newsletters, just the camera and laptop that’s already there; somewhere in your community. With a smiling group of teenagers who have been given a job they love doing to do. And having their skills and contribution and participation appreciated and affirmed.

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