facebook Jesus

I have as much of a sense of humour as the next person. And God does too.

I have no problem laughing about religion, with religion, at religion… And God is the same.

God is bigger than most people’s pride, dignity, and egotism.

But I do get concerned when God is trivialised; when, with great arrogance and self-righteousness, people turn God and God’s good news into being akin to a wrinkle-hindering cream.

Jesus did not die to get us to “like” him on a facebook page. If that is done as a joke, that is one thing; if this is the depth of (some people’s) Christianity – then we are in serious trouble.

[I am not writing solely about the image at the top of this page, doing the rounds as a status update – I am using that to illustrate a trend, an attitude, an approach.]

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