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New Sunday preaching resource

I want to enthusiastically recommend a relatively new preaching resource to you: WaiapuAcademy.org.

This has a wonderful collection of podcasts that is being updated each week.

Click here for the podcast for this coming Sunday (February 13).

The Rev. Dr. Howard Pilgrim is a colleague and friend. He has had a lifelong passion for biblical studies, as a scholar and distance-education teacher, specialising in the writings of St Paul.

Amongst all the options available online for reflecting on the RCL readings, this is a gem. Pass it on.

ps. many people are aware that Ruth Gledhill’s “Articles of Faith” disappeared behind a paywall. Ruth is the long-standing religion correspondent for The Times newspaper. Well, for those interested, Ruth’s articles are now available free here.

Times blog Articles of Faith.

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2 thoughts on “New Sunday preaching resource”

  1. Thank you for mentioning my Articles of Faith archive at http://www.ruthgledhill.blogspot.com. Before anyone’s hopes are rasied too high, however, I should point out that the full posts of my blog are not available there, just the opening paragraph of each which then goes to a paywalled link @thetimeslive. However, I am using the blogger site to try and link everything I am doing at The Times and elsewhere. So I post my CEN columns on my own website, ruthgledhill.com, which is also linked to from the Blogger site, along with my Flickr and YouTube pages. So anyone who is interested might still enjoy looking around the site, but I must point out that the blog at The Times is still paywalled. At the moment I am concentrating on getting the Persecution Index back up and running in an effective way but the full details of the new developments by the Barnabas Fund can only be seen via a subscription or one-off payment to The Times. If people have to pay for it, I might as well try and make it perform a useful service to the world! We are still continuing to try to get a working RSS up and running, so things are opening up. A little.

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