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Sabbath Torah reading Heshvan 8, 5772

The Torah reading today, Heshvan 8, 5772 (November 5, 2011) in the synagogue is called Lekh Lekha Gen 12:1-17:27

Lech Lecha Lyrics
by Stereo Sinai

Vayomer Hashem el Avram, lech lecha

Avram says I’m beautiful
So much so he hides me away
But now I’m growing old
And it’s time to go
Should I laugh or should I pray?

But this land that will be ours
Where sons are just like stars

We’re blindly told to go
To somewhere we don’t know
to live without blame
there’s a promise made
that will never fade
revealed in our new names:


So it’s time for us to leave
with souls who now believe

Vayomer Hashem el Avram, lech lecha

It’s not beauty, not royalty
That keeps me going
But a voice that’s worth hearing
A path You’re showing
It’s not just a land that we’re walking to
But the journey itself is where we prove ourselves to you

So it’s time for us to leave
and live what we believe

Vayomer Hashem el Avram, lech lecha

The system of reading the Bible in three years on Saturdays reads part of the Sabbath reading each of the three years. You can find today’s portion and reflection here. There is also a children’s and family devotional version and you can find today’s text here.

What were you taken by in the text?

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