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Simple Chant Daily Office

Paul Rose (image source)

I have just discovered a wonderful YouTube Channel Sing the Hours.

This is a simple chanting of the Grail translation of the psalms. This is the translation I have been praying for half a century (many psalms each day), so I find they are in my bones. Nowadays, I pray them in the Inclusive Grail version – this is slightly altered: “man”, “men”, “sons”, etc., is rendered gender inclusive where that is intended in the original. The Inclusive Grail psalter is used by Benedictine Daily Prayer and by Kopua Cistercian Monastery of which I am an Associate.

Sing the Hours is also available on Spotify and Apple Music.

You can read more about Paul Rose, the person chanting on Sing the Hours, here. I would be interested how the other voices are added into the chanting – are they simply Paul overlaid on the original? I am emailing Paul this blog post.

There is only one “issue” people in USA regularly miss: USA is basically the last country before the International date line. That means that, for most of the planet, if USA is praying Evening Prayer, the rest of the planet has mostly done that; in fact some of us are praying what is tomorrow’s for USA Morning Prayer. So people who are providing online Daily Office resources need to decide, are you primarily praying yourself – and letting others listen in to that, or are you providing a resource for prayer that can be used around the globe. If the latter, in USA, for example, you need to get ahead of the curve and be praying what for you is tomorrow’s Office, but for the rest of us is already today’s.

Some websites have produced an Eastern and a Western Hemisphere timing of the Daily Office (I think the excellent linked site may have done so after I pointed out the issue).

One result of Covid is a lot of communities and individuals have put their services online. Some have continued this mission and ministry outside of a lockdown context.

St Michael and all Angels
All Souls
Karakia o Te Po, the Pīhopatanga o Aotearoa thrice weekly online services of night prayer
Add your (favourite) online Daily Office resource in the comments section below, if you like.

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2 thoughts on “Simple Chant Daily Office”

  1. “Deus in adjutorum nostrum, meum intende” – I remember singing these words during a performance of John Osborne’s play ‘Luther’. I was Luther’s confessor in the play. Martin Luther knew his breviary!

    Thanks, Bosco, for this lovely link!” (A prayer sung is prayed twice!).

    1. How Church (and World) History would have been different had Martin Luther had a wise confessor like you, Fr Ron! Certainly, the daily discipline of the Augustinian Friar of Morning and Evening Prayer continued on into his Reformed life and that of those who follow him. Easter Season Blessings.

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