If social media is here to stay – how is the church responding? How is your parish or Christian community participating? The seven last words of a Christian community are, “we never did it like that before.”

There are now a number of different ways that people can be present in web 2.0. It appears that the Internet may be separating into different online communities which have different preferences for they way they share material online. Hence I have added some other ways of accessing liturgy online.


The original web 1.0 format
620 on the email list
Up to 3,500 visitors each day

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340 subscribers to the RSS feed
Up to about 7,000 visitors for a topical blog post

Online chapel




Over 19,000 followers
Ranking number 6 in New Zealand for number of followers


1363 fans

Recently there was a Christianity in the digital space conference in the UK. There was live streaming video from it which I embedded in this site so that regulars here could follow it. At the conference they were projecting a hashtag stream from twitter #digisymp. When I could not hear a question being asked, I could tweet from the other side of the planet and someone there would repeat the question or pass them a microphone because my tweet was instantly up on their screen. This isn’t the future. It is now. What are we doing with it? How is it changing church, liturgy, spirituality?

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