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Here is an interesting list by Tim Chesterton, regular participant in the community around this site:

Here is a short list of some other things that I cannot reconcile with strict adherence to the letter of scripture:

1. Lending money at interest.

2. Refusing help to beggars on the streets when they ask for money.

3. Inviting friends and family over for a dinner party rather than the poor and needy.

4. Taking oaths in court.

5. Christians serving in the military (approved for believers in the OT, but NT Christians commanded not to resist an evildoer and to love their enemies).

6. The inerrancy of every detail and command of scripture (given that in the Old Testament God’s people were told that they had to be circumcised and keep all the food laws on pain of being cut off, but in the New Testament Jesus and Paul swept all that away – ‘thus he declared all foods clean’).

7. Christians having possessions (‘None of you can be my disciple unless he gives up all he has’).

8. Unanswered prayer (we all experience it, but it doesn’t jive with the words of Jesus, especially Matthew 7:7-11 and Mark 11:24).

9. The fact that death had existed in the world for millions of years before the emergence of human beings (contra. Romans 5:12).

Please – I love the scriptures, I study them daily, to preach from them week by week is one of the greatest joys of my life. But submitting to ‘the authority of Scripture’ (a phrase, funnily enough, not found in the scriptures) is not a simple thing, in my view.

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