I recently drove past a church which had the sign: “Two people can do anything – as long as one of them is God”.

One interpretation would be a moral one: God is permitted to do absolutely anything God wants… God can do anything… and you are permitted to do absolutely anything you want if you feel God allows you to…

Let’s put that interpretation to one side. The interpretation that leaped out at me was putting God in the category of “people”. This appears to me to be anthropomorphism to the extreme and merely play into the misconception of God-as-superman.

In speaking of the mystery of the Holy Trinity, we use the word “person” – but I would be similarly taken aback, as I was to the sign, if I read “God is three people“. The First Council of Constantinople recognised one could use hypostasis, prosopon, and persona with the Trinity. I suspect that, like me, they would balk at using “people”.

What do you think?

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