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4 thoughts on “videos of note”

  1. Mark Aitchison

    Ah! I think I get it now… your inclusion of the duck video … it is a metephor for the other videos, and especially the relationship between the Anglican and Catholic churches, and speaks of liturgical processes. Very clever. Almost too subtle, but it is obvious now: the duck is the Anglican Communion, in theory “chased” by the cat in the funny get-up, but most of the time politely playing a bemused “catchup” with the cat while the dog looks on without taking sides – even if unseen by us most of the time.

    I’m still trying to understand the roomba – it obviously goes where it likes, not controlled by the cat (despite appearances), but could the dog be using some remote? If so I cannot see it. Some aspects of this modern parable still elude me. Zigh! :-}

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