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5 thoughts on “Videos of note”

  1. Julianne Stewart

    “People who have been attracted to religion in the last centuries….have been people who have a mania for order” — brilliant!

    It is a treat to see and hear Richard Rohr…liturgy as a non-verbal “language”….the beautiful clip of the Anglo-Saxon Lord’s Prayer which I have not heard it since I studied old English as an undergraduate…..and what is it about the sound of bells that brings us in mind of the divine?… Much food for contemplation in all four videos. Thank you, Bosco.

  2. Gillian Trewinnard

    El Gran Silencio. Couldn’t watch more than four-and-a-half minutes; like watching paint dry. Will give the others a try.

  3. Gillian Trewinnard

    Good to hear the West Saxon Lord’s Prayer; not heard since university days. Highly atmospheric film and music too.

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