Winter (Summer) Solstice this year is June 22. The Northern Hemisphere Winter Solstice is linked to Christmas and winter has a number of liturgical and folk celebrations. If we want to embody liturgy better into the Southern Hemisphere – how might we celebrate it? Would we link it to the birth of John the Baptist (June 24)? [I’m not sure how we in the Southern Hemisphere can make anything special of a John the Baptist focus] Matariki, the Maori term for the Pleiades, is growing as a celebration of a new year at this time. There is a variety of traditions (length of celebration, association with the lunar cycle,…). Matariki is just appearing in the dawn twilight with Mars to its right.

Do you have any suggestions how we can celebrate the Southern Hemisphere Winter Solstice? How can we make the liturgical year more appropriate to the Southern Hemisphere?

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