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Jesus’ Top Character Strengths

Character Strengths

Being conscious of one’s character strengths is becoming increasingly popular, increasingly relevant. The list of 24 character strengths is a common one (image above). Each strength is important – your top five are the ones to pay attention to, and those are the ones you should try and find ways to use more often.

What do you think Jesus’ top 5 character strengths were?
Please complete the following survey for me to collate what people think are Jesus’ top 5 character strengths.

I will update information here once sufficient people have completed the survey and a picture begins to develop.

UPDATE: What Might We Learn from Jesus’ Character Strengths?

You can find out the ranking of your own character strengths (and hence your top 5): Register here to do the VIA Survey of Character Strengths. The survey takes about 30 minutes (there is no time limit). After registering, click on the drop down box on ‘Questionnaires’ and scroll down and select VIA Survey of Character Strengths.

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