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12 thoughts on “A flowchart for choosing your religion”

    1. Please follow the flow chart, Claudia. You like bacon – so your next question is, “Are you a naturally annoying person?” – yes or no does not affect your relationship with hummus. Blessings.

  1. I thought that Jews liked hummus!

    I buy Mannishevitz hummus in the organic food section at out local US-based (Texas) grocery store chain, HEB, all of the time.

    1. Bene, thanks for your visit and comment. You can read about Mormon underwear here – if that’s not enough try this. Being less than boring is up to you and me – maybe then there will be a revision of the chart (as per the humus above). Blessings.

  2. I said meh to bacon…and I “like” hummus in the right context, but I simply refuse to worship Molech, so I’m not a Moslem. I almost fell into the none category, but looked ahead to see my choices. It’s not that I WANT to worship a deity…He made me do it. Yet there is some small cogent appetizer in the meal…Christians always want you to eat pork as the sign of belonging…you know…sort of like Antiochus Epiphanes against whom the Maccabees fought. Without the Maccabees there wouldn’t have been an Olive Tree for the Christians to be grafted onto…and come to think of it no Christians either. I asked the Maccabees (seems like) just the other day, if they ate anything treif at all. Not a one answered in the affirmative…

  3. Total BS. The Jews LOVE hummus! Or does the creator of this chart assume all Jews love some yucky & stinky Ashkenazi gefillte fisch?

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