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now for something completely different


For those interested in liturgy, worship, and spirituality, and who have any sense of taste, and any sense of humour, this post will, hopefully, provide you with some of the places for essential reading.

FrOscarLateNewest in the liturgical cybersanctuary is Fr Oscar Late. Clearly, however, being new to cyberspace does not mean a lack of experience. Fr Oscar is clearly a man of extensive scholarship, taste, and experience who has been dispensing Fatherly advice for decades. He is on facebook and runs a blog, Acknowledge & Bewail. How can you not love a priest who has wisdom such as, “If the devil is in the details, God is in the liturgical minutiae.”?

FatherCFr Christian Troll has had years of internet as well as non-virtual experience. On his GAFCON website, he never beats about the bush. He is always clear – his constant assertion is that he teaches the Bible. He is also on facebook.

pacBad Vestments is, of course, a blog that combines style and spirituality. This image is of a pacman stole! And if, all this time, you’ve been trying to figure out the Scientology theme at the top of this post, H/T Bad Vestments – and if you don’t know, here’s the answer.

ps. Apologies if on some browsers it looks as if Fr Christian is wearing the pacman stole. I can assure you – that would never happen.

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4 thoughts on “now for something completely different”

  1. Thanks for introducing me to another great blog writer; a Catholic priest with a sense of humour (of course they all have a sense of humour…didn’t I grow up as a Catholic and remember how amusing they all were?)
    At least I assume he’s a priest; there’s so much byplay and satire and nonsense in these blogs that it’s almost possible to guess he might not be!

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