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Advent blog & site badge


Today the messages have started arriving asking for Advent badges to put on your website or blog. So I promised that I would work on that this afternoon. Many people like, from time to time, to add a badge to their website or blog. If you like the idea – send your friends the URL of this blog post.

The HTML for adding this badge to your blog or website is:


The HTML for adding this badge to your blog or website is:

Please do let me know if this is, or is not working – one little letter wrong in the coding and all falls apart 🙁

If you are on Facebook, you can send these badges to your friends there using church stuff

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7 thoughts on “Advent blog & site badge”

  1. I was going through the Advent graphics (advent1.jpg through advent4.jpg), and at least to me, the pink candle is supposed to be lit during week 4, not week 3. Am I wrong?

  2. Oh, nevermind. I was doing some internet searching. I didn’t realize that different “traditions” had the pink candle on different Sundays. As they say, you learn something new everyday.

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